Frank Jermusek

Industrious from a young age, Frank Jermusek had already begun working at a major company during his time at college. At Baker Investments, he was able to put his newfound knowledge into action, while testing, developing, and adding to the concepts he was learning in school. Under the great guidance of his professors and the mentorship of Edward Baker, the man behind the design of the Twin Cities’ Skyway system and the IDS Center, as well as peers from whom he could learn at work, Frank Jermusek spent his most formational years in one of the best environments to nurture and develop his skills as a professional in the business world.

Specifically, Frank Jermusek’s work at Baker consisted of running and managing their investments portfolio. Baker’s interests at the time were quite diverse, including commercial property and many other investments. With numerous responsibilities, Jermusek began working on complex commercial transactions, which eventually interested Jermusek in law.

Frank Jermusek went on to graduate from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Major in Accounting. Having garnered pertinent experience at Baker, he decided to apply to law school and was accepted to the William Mitchell College of Law. After his graduation, Frank Jermusek was hired directly out of law school to work at Leonard, Street and Deinard, a sizable law firm based in Minneapolis.

Through this experience, Frank was able to open his own law firm, The Jermusek Law Firm, LLC. They are a Minnesota-based company that is focused on providing sophisticated, creative, and practical solutions for clients dealing with real estate, business, and lending matters. Frank Jermusek has mainly focused his legal practice on business, real estate, lending and golf/hospitality matters.

This also led Frank to acquire SVN | Northco, a full service commercial real estate firm founded in 1975, of which Jermusek is currently President.

SVN | Northco Resort & Golf

While the prosperous SVN | Northco offers all types of real estate divisions and services, SVN | Northco Golf & Hospitality, a division of the company, stands out as a separate and also thriving business. Providing similar services to those it provides for general commercial real estate, SVN | Northco Golf & Hospitality is a team specialized in services related to the golf & hospitality industry, providing a variety of services to companies and clients across the greater Midwest.

Frank Jermusek’s business in real estate is built on his foundation in business, investment, management, and law. Also the Founder of the Minnesota law firm, The Jermusek Law Firm, LLC, Frank Jermusek helps run the company by providing clients with practical, sophisticated, and creative solutions for real estate, insurance, business, and lending matters. Frank Jermusek’s legal practice is generally focused on his specialties, real estate, business, lending, and golf & hospitality matters.

Photo of Frank Jermusek